Sara fell - designer / maker

2008 - Inspired by… Competition, V&A, London. Prizewinner.

Inspired by... Competition Entry
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The 'O' precious series, redefines and confronts what we perceive as precious jewellery. By looking at the history of glass jewellery from ancient Egyptian times, to the Romans and Venetians, glass has been celebrated as a precious material. Whether it is through its alchemic magic, its beauty, its fragility as well as its strength, glass is an incredibly powerful and versatile everyday material. It has the ability to metamorphose into jewellery that is precious in its own right.

Sara is intrigued by the idea of how people hide 'precious things' away, out of sight, kept safe. "Why hide what is beautiful and what pleases your eye?" The 'O' precious series is conceived from this notion, turning it around, celebrating jewellery as an art form. The cast glass cache 'keeps safe' the jewellery when it is not worn, yet becomes an intrinsic element of the cast art glass cache. The form of the cache is a reflection of ancient history from the stone door way of an Egyptian tomb, to Stonehenge, Quoits and Shrines.